Dubai Airports, Dubai Police and Airport Medical Centre discuss medical services and procedures at DXB

Medical Service DXB

Senior representatives from Dubai Airports, Dubai Police, and the Airport Medical Centre at Dubai International (DXB) met yesterday to discuss the ongoing provision of timely medical services and robust procedures that ensure the safety and wellbeing of the tens of millions of passengers that fly through Dubai International every year. “Many travelers have medical needs as they pass through our airports,” said Chris Garton, Executive Vice President of Operations for Dubai Airports. “We have to be prepared to deal with a wide variety of conditions and ailments. Additionally, many of our customers rely on personal medical electronic devices such as pacemakers, neuro-stimulators, implantable cardio defibrillators, insulin pumps, blood glucose monitors, etc. that they must have with them during their travel. We have procedures in place to facilitate this and work closely with medical services and Dubai Police to continually review and reinforce these through staff awareness and training to meet passenger needs.”

The Airport Medical Center (AMC) at DXB is an extended service unit provided by the Dubai Health Authority. Established in 1971 as a small clinic, the facility was expanded in 2000 in Concourse C, and in 2008 was further expanded to include a satellite clinic in Concourse B at Terminal 3.
Currently there are three AMC clinics (Concourses A, B, & C) at DXB and one at Dubai World Central (DWC). The unit maintains continuity of urgent/emergency medical care throughout the 24 hour period, 7 days a week.

Seen here (from Left) are Dubai Airports’ Chris Garton, EVP – Operations, Buti Qurwash, VP – Safety & Security, and Ali Angizeh, VP – Terminal & Cargo Operations, Dr. Abdulrazak Jumale, Medical In-charge at the Airport Medical Centre, and Colonel Mohammed Ahmed Bin Dylan Al Mazrouei, Assistant Director General for Operations at the General Department of Airports Security.