Dubai Airports wins Service Olympian Award for Best Employee Learning

Dubai, UAE – December 14, 2015 – Dubai Airports, operator of Dubai International - the world’s number one airport for international passengers, has won the Service Olympian Award for Best Employee Learning for its Airport Service Programme, which commenced in March 2014 and concludes this month.

The Service Olympian’s Best Employee Learning Award is given to an organisation that can best demonstrate a solid, well-structured scheme to support employee learning and enhance their talent.

“We are very pleased that our employee learning programme has earned recognition just days before it concludes. It’s one of our most significant training programmes in recent years as it focuses on unifying frontline employees of all stakeholders at Dubai International to raise customer service levels for our 78 million plus passengers. It was attended by 6,000 employees and has been an overwhelming success,” said Samya Ketait, Vice President of Learning and Development at Dubai Airports.

Developed by Ethos Integrated Solutions to recognise private as well as public organisations that have implemented successful customer service strategies in the UAE, the Service Olympian Customer Experience Awards support the development of high standards in customer experience delivery in the region's most advanced and competitive market.