Filming & Photography

All filming, photography and airport tours at Dubai International (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC) need a series of written approvals and permits and/or airport security passes depending on their location.

Landside Shoot
Film and photography shoots in landside areas (public areas of the terminals before security check) require a written permission from Dubai Airports and Dubai Police.

Approved requests for filming in landside locations can be processed within 3 working days provided all required documents are submitted. Shooting in landside locations does not require Airport Security Pass for crew or equipment, instead written permission from Dubai Airports and Dubai Police is sufficient. 

Airside Shoot
If the filming and photography location is beyond security check points, the media organisation/ production agency is required to get written approval from Dubai Airports as well as apply for Airport Security Pass for each member of the crew and their equipment (cameras, laptops, tablets, tripods etc.).

All requests involving airside locations must be received 15 working days in advance, with all necessary documents submitted at least 7 working days prior to the filming date. Urgent requests are handled on a case-to-case basis but require that all necessary documents are submitted at least 3 working days prior to the shoot.

All shoots at the airport that are commercial in nature require location permit(s) from the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) through local production agencies. For details on how local production agencies can register with the DFTC and apply for location permits, please refer to the Commission’s website:

Media organisations/ production agencies wishing to conduct film/photography shoots at DXB or DWC must first contact Dubai Airports’ Corporate Communication department and submit a request on official letterhead mentioning the purpose, date, time, duration, exact location(s), storyboard summary, crew size, and a list of equipment (cameras, laptops, tablets etc.). Based on the preliminary approval from Dubai Airports, they can then approach the DFTC to seek necessary approvals and permit(s), as applicable.

Applying for Airport Security Pass
Once a request for filming/photography at DXB/DWC has been approved by Dubai Airports (and location permit sanctioned by DFTC), the media organisation/production agency must submit the following documents in the mentioned format/size.

All document scans should be in colour in JPG or PDF format and the size should be under 250KB
The passport sized photo should be in JPG format with white background
The system will reject any documents that are black and white and in Word or PNG format
Each document should be scanned separately.

  • Location filming permit from the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC). (Refer to the DFTC website on how to register and apply for location permit)
  • A request on letterhead mentioning the purpose, date and time, exact locations, storyboard summary, duration, list of crew and equipment.
  • Crew not employed by applying company need to provide a letter of No Objection from their actual employers. (For UAE based companies).
  • A list of equipment – cameras, laptops, lenses etc. with brand names and serial numbers.
  • Copy of passport. 
  • Copy of UAE Visa page. If applicant is non-resident and Visa exempt, a copy of the entry stamp upon arrival in the UAE.
  • Passport sized photo with white background.
  • Pass Application Security Form (click here to download) duly filled and signed by each crew member. 
    (Leave no blanks. Only vehicle section can be left blank for non-residents, both references and their contact numbers are required; use hotel address or phone in the Residence section).
  • If the applicant is a freelancer, he must provide an NOC letter from the sponsor.
  • If the sponsor in the visa is based at Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone (Tecom) or other Free Zone, an NOC letter from the relevant Free Zone/Authority.
  • Copy of the work ID. 
  • Copy of the national ID. 
  • If the applicant has had a pass issued from other airport stakeholder, it must be cancelled and returned to the pass office before a new application can be processed through Dubai Airports.
  • Laptops and tablets need separate equipment pass to be taken beyond security check point at the airport. To apply for permit for laptops/tablets, include each item with brand name and serial number in the equipment list.
  • If the applicant has a student’s visa it is illegal for them to work and the application will be automatically rejected. (For UAE residents)
  • Filming security (Police), customs and immigration check points and their uniformed personnel is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the relevant authority.
  • Filming in the following areas/situations require Special clearance is required for filming inside Air Traffic Control tower, on the apron (ramp, taxiways, runways), the baggage handling system, all facilities not owned or managed by Dubai Airports, as well as filming any interaction with passengers.

Crew are not permitted to carry dangerous equipment/hazardous items such as pocketknife, Swiss knife, screw drivers, box cutters, masking tape, ropes and other items universally prohibited at airports.

The airport security passes must be returned to Dubai Airports (or the entity that applied for them) after the completion of the filming/tour. Failure to return a pass will result in the rejection of subsequent applications from the individual/organisation for airport security pass. 

Airport tour requests from media representatives transiting through Dubai require at least two weeks’ notice to prepare for necessary clearance. If approved, the airport tour will be limited to airside (terminal/concourses) areas with no access beyond immigration check (towards landside/arrivals).

Dubai Airports does not permit film crews to engage with passengers without written permission.